New England Millwrights was founded in 1982 by Bill Rowden and for over the last three and a half decades has become the premier millwright contractor in the Northeast. Based out of Barre, Vermont, NEM has provided material handling design, construction and maintenance for family farms up to global agricultural companies.


In the early years NEM, formerly known as W.T Millwrights, was a small show that focused on performing maintenance on feed mills and farms in Vermont. As the years passed, the business grew, expanding its territory to the six New England states, New York and beyond. Soon NEM was building feed mills, doing heavy rigging jobs in foundries, building saw mills, and working on bio mass power plants.


Today NEM has begun to employ the next generation of the Rowden family and continues to provide its customers with the highest quality, equipment, materials and installation. NEM adheres to the most stringent OSHA, SMI and ISN safety standards and prides itself on completing jobs on time, on budget and most importantly, safely.